"Continuous innovation to guarantee optimal solutions for the end-user". "To produce cost effective solutions and provide our best services to valuable customers". "To ensure good quality products are delivered to our clients within expected delivery time & budget".


  • We will propose the most suitable approach on the basis of the specific situation, the security level required and the risk assessment.
  • We can provide free design, quotation and consultation on site.
  • Our team of skilled professionals are equipped with both technical and installation know-how to ensure that you will get the best assistance throughout the entire project.
  • We focus on continuous research and development to generate products and services innovation in line with the latest technology.
  • We emphasize on customer service via quick response to customer’s needs.
  • We are able to provide quality products and services at a very competitive level to stay at the forefront of the market.
  • We are able to manage fencing projects on a small or large scale.

IDEAL Fence Industries Sdn Bhd

is committed to provide the highest quality products. Hence, we have outlined our policies and product claim process below.

  1. Cost Saving & Maintenance Free Cost effective on a long term basis with low maintenance required for the system.
  2. High Degree of Security The design of close mesh spacing serves an optimum deterrent factor at high risk areas against unwanted entry.
  3. Long Life Span The entire complete system are hot dipped galvanized would provide you years of service life with minimum or virtually NO MAINTENANCE over the life time once the system has been installed. Such long life span can enjoy such properties as resistance against corrosion from air, moisture and sunshine.
  4. Easy Installation & Recyclable All accessories have been designed to provide as a complete system that can be easily installed and for recyclable used.
  5. High Rigidity The fence is made from high tensile steel wires with high strength feature that have been proven to be extremely rigid and durable & enhance features with bending.
  6. Enhancement Features Flexible design allows for easy integration with other electronic detection devices and equipment such as CCTV and advanced lighting can be added on.